Shipments to Canada

**Note** Change from previous seasons: We will no longer ship semen to Canada via Federal Express. All shipments to Canada must go through Dan Phillips.

Your import certificate must be on file at Deo Volente Farms. This needs to be sent electronically along with the veterinary certificate.

Call In Procedures for Canadian Shipments

(Please note that electronic transmission is the only way certificates can be submitted. Strict compliance is required)

  • The mare MUST be called in the day PRIOR the shipping day:
    • Monday collections  — call the Friday before no later than 2:00 PM
    • Wednesday collections — call Tuesday no later than 2:00 PM
    • Friday collections — call Thursday no later than 2:00 PM
  • If you need to cancel the mare for the collection, please do so NO LATER THAN 8:30 AM of the collection day. Cancellation of appointments must be made with our area veterinarian and the APHIS-NY office,
  • Once the certificate is submitted to the NY office, they will endorse the certificate. An electronically signed certificate or copy of the signed certificate will be sent to Dan Phillips and placed in the equine semen container.

If the mare is called in the day of the collection, the area veterinarian or the APHIS-NY veterinarian may not be available to submit or sign a certificate