Standardbred Yearlings

Name Sire Dam Sire of Dam Gait Color Sex DOB
Amourous Deo Muscle Hill Amare Deo Lucky Chucky T B F 5/24
Poseidon Deo Captaintreacherous B J’s Canouan Western Ideal P B C 5/23
Carter Michael Deo International Moni Brigham Dream Kaisy Dream T B C 3/11
Trish Speaker Artspeak Cheyenne Trish Artiscape P B F 5/18
Our Baby Deo Lazarus N Daut Full Art Major P B C 2/28
Two Timin’ Deo Lazarus N Double Jeopardy Rocknroll Hanover P B C 4/9
High Voltage Deo Sweet Lou Electric Fool I Am A Fool P B C 5/20
Bettor Deo Bettor’s Delight Full Picture Artsplace P B C 4/1
Captain Batboy Captaintreacherous GiverTo Er Rocknroll Heaven P B C 4/2
Up Your Deo Walner Grand Stand Cantab Hall T B C 4/4
Das Deo Captaintreacherous Lissan Rocknroll Hanover P B C 3/31
Deo Soles Always B Miki Little Miss K Artsplace P B F 5/16
Cool Trixter Trixton Miss Dangles Ken Warkentin T Br C 3/10
Rampage Deo Chapter Seven Pandora’s Box Cantab Hall T B C 4/19
Zenith Deo Lazarus N Peaceful Deo Somebeachsomewhere P B C 5/3
Zachs Lou Sweet Lou Perplexed Somebeachsomewhere P B C 3/29
Proclamation Deo Lazarus N Rocklamation Rocknroll Hanover P B F 5/15
Scotty Deo Trixton Say My Name Cantab Hall T B C 4/11
Best Bet Deo Bettor’s Delight Some Renditions Somebeachsomewhere P B C 5/1
Ammie Deo Captaintreacherous Stairwaytothestars Western Ideal P B F 5/16
Dismas Deo Sweet Lou Timber Art Major P B C 3/17
Who’s On First Deo Trixton UF Lindsay Lou Who Donato Haover T B F 5/11
Queen Of The South Downbytheseaside Vaquera Deo Western Hanover P B F 2/24
Hot Stuff Deo Trixton Wanna Get Lucky Lucky Chucky T B F 5/8
Make A Wish Deo Trixton Wish I Was There Wishing Stone T B C 2/14
In Your Dreams Deo Trixton Woke Up Dreaming Striking Sahbra T BL F 1/21
Rising Star Deo Lazarus N Worldly Beauty Artsplace P B C 3/19
World Class Deo Always B Miki Worldly Deo Lis Mara P B F 4/29
Nirvana Deo Muscle Hill Yalta Hanover Andover Hall T B F 4/1
Selena Deo Trixton Yursa Hanover Windsong’s Legacy T B F 5/1

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